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Technical Analysis is a method used to predict future prices on the basis of historical price, volume, and open interest. Technical Analysis can help investors anticipate what is likely to happen in the coming days, weeks, or months. The benefit of this course is that you can generate intraday, short term, and long term calls. You can easily interpret the trend of the market with the help of Price Analysis.
You will be trained to understand different types of charts that provide the inertia of the market trends. The magic of Candlestick Patterns is that they provide earlier signals on the top and bottom of the market where the reversal is possible. There are many and unique indicators and oscillators that help you to identify the trend of the market, overbought – oversold, and divergence indications, where the market trend may reverse for a bigger retracement. Fibonacci sequence & retracement, Dow Theory, Elliott wave, and Trading psychologies will help you when to trade/invest in the financial market. Technical analysis is applicable to all trading securities like stocks, commodities, futures, options, etc., where the price is influenced by the force of demand and supply.


  • Introduction To Technical Analysis : Types Of Chart
  • Volume & Open Interest Importance
  • Candlesticks Patterns : Chart Patterns & Gap Theory
  • Support / Resistance & Trendlines (Trend Channels)
  • Price Action Trading & Strategies
  • Indicators And Oscillators (24 Indicators)
  • Trading Signals And Strategies
  • Dow Theory & Elliott Wave Theory
  • Trading Psychology & Risk Management

Course Features

    • Theory 40 hrs
    • Practicals 40 hrs
    • Duration 4 Months
    • Language English/Hindi/Gujarati
  • Students 273
  • Assessments 3 Months


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